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Sunday, December 3, 2017

Everybody is happy about the Winter  because of the Festive season and am just here waiting for my presents from Santa so that I can move on and start planning my spring/summer outfits and mood. Isn't it just too cold outside! Something great about this time of the year is the hot wine("Glühwein" as Germans call it)  and chocolates and you don't  even have to worry about the figure because the jacket and heavy coats will take good care of it! 


Do you guys already own some puffer jackets in your closets. If you still don't have any please get one and if you have one already then you already know why am advising the others to do so right.They are so so hot inside (warm is an understatement). I wish they could bring pants too ha!

Anyways style knows no cold actually and I couldn't resist slaying this look with the ankleboots that I jokingly  placed on my Amazon Cart and ordered them without knowing as I was was buying some things for my house and had totally forgotten that they were still in the Cart so it was kinda surprise but am very much in love with them. I also managed to get this flowery and colourful top together with the pants during the Black Friday sales. I think they are still available in H&M shops and website.

To complete the look I just pulled the red lips and the puffer Jacket which is my favourite piece at the moment as you all know now.

What is your favourite item at the moment?

How about this outfit combination, how would you rock yours?


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Have a great new Week

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